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Day 1 Study week #Kiel


Hello everyone!

Today was our first day in #studyweek in #Kiel! It has been really exciting to meet all of our new colleagues and discuss different ideas with them.

First of all, we have had an introduction to the course and we have introduced ourselves to get to know each other. Once we knew the group a little bit better we have started to work on the interview that it is going to take place tomorrow. We have split into two groups to look for information either about the school (Hebbelschule) we are going to visit and about the project the teacher had worked in: eTwinning. After the research, we had to work in pairs and explain the main points about the school and the project to our partner.

In groups we have also created the questions that we are going to ask to Sabine Burkhardt, the teacher that we will be interviewing tomorrow, and we have also created different categories to join different questions that were related.

Sabrine Burkhardt's interview at Hebbelschule [7th May 2019]

After having lunch, we have created a poster that was actually a #mindmap to draw down the main ideas or projects that we had in mind when it comes to teaching and technology. We finally presented our ideas and perspectives to some of our colleagues in the project and discussed about them in small groups.

Today has been an exciting day and in my opinion I have learnt a lot from the course and from the colleagues and their experiences! It has been a pleasure to meet them all and share wonderful moments together.

I hope you enjoyed it!

#ProPIC #studyweek #Kiel

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